About Me

Hi friends, my name is Kenna! A little bit about me speed round: I'm a fraternal twin, I'm in my last year of college, my goal is to one day work in publication, I am a HUGE dog lover, and of course, I love books.

Now into the more nitty gritty: why did I decide to create this blog? And the answer to that is, well, for a multitude of reasons! But one of the biggest is that I wanted a place the create a portfolio of all my works. Whether that be writing, photography, or anything else I dream up. In and of itself, this blog is one of those things! I'm having such a great time playing around with the layout and design and, though I'm not even close to being a graphic designer, I've had so much fun with this. As a whole, this page combines everything I love: reading, writing, photography, and community. 

I also want to talk about why I named this blog "Dream To Page". For starters, a dream can be anything. An inkling of a thought, a daydream or nightmare, an ambition or goal, etc. My goal in life is to take all of these things that live in my headspace and put them down on the page. Whether that be a blog post on this webpage or a bookish photograph on my Instagram page. I want to create and this blog seems like a really great place to start. Sarah J. Maas said it best in her book Empire of Storms, "The world will be saved and remade by the dreamers" and ain't that the truth.