NovellyYours Candle Haul and Review

NovellyYours Candle Haul and Review

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So recently I purchased bookish candles for the first time! I ordered some from both NovellyYours and TheMeltingLibrary. The latter have yet to come, but the former shipped super fast! I was expecting to have to wait much longer because I live on the other side of the US. I ordered on the 10th and they arrived today on the 13th! 

I chose the "You Pick" option where you can choose wither 4, 5, or 6 of their 2 oz. candles. I chose the 4 option and went with Shipping It, Currently Reading, Intelligent, and Night Triumphant. 

Let me tell you, I love ALL of them. I was absolutely not expecting that! Not because of anything having to do with the brand, but because I'm someone who is very sensitive to smells. I thought that there would be at least one that I'd either hate or would just upset my allergies and give me a headache, but ALL FOUR are so lovely and calming, not overwhelming at all.

A little run down of what their notes are:

Shipping it - Ocean, Outdoors, Cotton

Currently Reading - Book pages, Coffee, Cotton 

Intelligent - Books and Tea 

Night Triumphant - Citrus, Sea mist, Jasmine

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Now, I'm not completely unbiased. My favorite one BY FAR is 'Currently Reading', which is crazy to me since I thought 'Night Triumphant' would hands down be my favorite. Why? Because Rhys, duh! The mere fact that 'Night Triumphant' is Rhysand in candle form had me convinced that it would be the one I'd be obsessed with, but NOPE. Though it IS my second favorite, 'Currently Reading' takes the cake for me. As soon as I smelled it I realized that it PERFECTLY captures the smell of a Barnes and Noble bookstore. You know the ones with the Starbucks inside? YES, THAT. Book pages, coffee, and cotton hits the nail right on the head! Now I don't know about you, but when I go to Barnes and Noble I can spent hours there. HOURS. And all that time I had no idea that it had a scent, until I smelled this candle. It was like magically teleporting me back to last summer where I spent all day at Barnes and Noble book browsing, stealing their internet, and playing PokemonGo. The smell of this ONE candle brought me back to this epically nostalgic place. You best bet I'll be buying it again! 

All in all, though I talked mostly about 'Currently Reading' and 'Night Triumphant' I really did enjoy the other two candles too. They're light and calming scents, but ones that I don't know if I'd repurchase right away. I think I'd want to try something new first. Definitely glad I bought them though. My inner Ravenclaw NEEDED the 'Intelligent' candle and the 'Shipping It' candle spoke directly to my shipper heart! 

Here are links to the candles that I bought!

Shipping it

Currently Reading

Night Triumphant


You Pick Option

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Welcome to my blog!

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