TheMeltingLibrary Candle Haul and Review

TheMeltingLibrary Candle Haul and Review

Woot woot! More candles!

So if you're into bookish candles at all then you've most definitely heard about The Melting Library! They were one of the first bookish candle brands that I ever heard about and, boy, have I heard a lot of good things! 

First off I ordered 2 candles, The Trees Speak Latin (inspired by The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater) and Dirtyhands (inspired by Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo). There were so many more that I wanted to buy, BUT shipping is so expensive. I even live in the US so I can't imagine how expensive shipping is for other people. That being said though, these candles are so worth it! 

I did have to wait a little less than a month for them to come, but I understand that they are all hand poured and made my Raquel herself so I'm always super forgiving of that fact when I purchase anything from Etsy.

The Trees Speak Latin is probably my favorite of the two! It reminds me a lot of the smell of Christmas, which I know is super unhelpful in describing what it smells like. But if you like fresh, forest-y smells then you will probably LOVE this one!

As for the Dirtyhands candle, it smells really good too, but I have absolutely no idea how to describe how it smells in person! I guess the description on the candle itself will have to do haha: sea salt, leather, and mahogany. What is so cool about this though is that I've honestly never smelled a candle like it. So props to Raquel for creating a one of a kind scent!  

I absolutely love the packaging for these candles. From the labels to the inserts lay on top of the wax. The effort put into presentation is such a nice addition to already awesome candles! I can't lie and say that aesthetics didn't play a part in my decision to buy from this brand! 

All in all, I looove these candles! The only downsides are the shipping price and the wait time. I knew going into it that I would probably have to wait about a month to receive my candles and I waited just under that. But honestly, if you are a regular Etsy customer then wait times and shipping prices are not new territory. Often times I always expect that they come with the Etsy experience haha. As for The Melting Library, the quality and love that Raquel puts into these candles really does show and I can't wait to buy more in the future! (In particular the Night Court and Winter Court candles. I'm anxiously waiting for one or both of them to come back into stock!)

Here are links to the candles I bought!

The Trees Speak Latin


Find The Melting Library on their social media!




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